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WALDROM Usługi Transportowe Rzeszutek Spółka Jawna offers transport and forwarding of goods both in Poland and abroad. We own a license for providing transport services within the European Union.

Our fleet:

– 22 Renault and Mercedes Benz trailer trucks
– tarpaulin trailers with a length of 13.6 m each
– 10 chemical L4BH tanks for transportation of oils and ADR products

We offer transportation of goods both in Poland and abroad (with full or smaller truck loading) in land transport, with a clear plan, which determines the duration of transport and allows tracking your goods during transportation.

If you need a consolidated or a direct forwarding service in land transportation, your goods can be transported by our experts.

We offer a variety of options to provide you with the most competitive and reliable land transport service.

In the case of shipments that require a full load of the truck, we offer the entire transport by van or truck, from the sender’s door or warehouse to taking over the goods by the consignee at the destination site.

The type of transport means depends on the nature of the product to be shipped, its weight and size. For consignments with a load size smaller than the size of the truck, your goods will be added to other goods in our van and effectively transported to the door of the consignee.

The duration of transport and availability of services depend on the city, description of the goods, their weight and volume.

Most shipments are transported from place to place, from company to company, but pickup or delivery arrangements can be made for individual customers for an additional fee. Our department, which deals with the transport of goods by land, is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are always ready to provide you with the best transport solutions in land transport.

We offer the complete range of transport and logistics services adapted to customer specifications. Irrespective of whether your shipment is to be carefully packaged, requires a quick or non-standard transportation, all you need to know is what, when, and where is to be delivered. We take care of everything else.


Usługi transportowe Rzeszutek Spółka Jawna
TU licence number: 000968

+48 17 5843670
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Rzędzianowice 273
39-300 Mielec

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